Anchored to the Truth of Life

That we live in crazy, uncertain times may be the understatement of the week. How to navigate this life and live fully engaged when it is so easy to be buffeted by the winds of events in our world, feeling the range of emotions and maybe becoming dismayed and heavy hearted?  

A common mistake, in spiritual circles, is to confuse sublime mystical states with the boundless field of consciousness that is present in ordinary states, low states and high states.

When one realizes one’s own center of silence to be that unchanging field of conscious Life, that is never born into form, never blinking in and out, then one can turn attention to that at any time and live as one’s Self.

Then one’s personal reality could be likened to an anchored boat on a river; riding up and down with the tides, sometimes buffeted by winds, rocked by waves and still remain anchored to the ground beneath the river.  

Here we can always rest in peace, calm, clarity and the feeling of home.

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