Avoid The Void

A part of the spooky folklore around halloween is the idea that the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead become thinner. 

Scary stuff!

 From the perspective of the body and ego, there is life and death. The “other-side” of life equates to a void of non-existence or death, so fear will come and with it, a tendency to avoid the void. It is wise to expect this fear to be lurking in the shadows of one’s psyche.

The ego has a bag of tricks to avoid the core of Being — even while seeking it;  “I am on a path… I haven’t finished working on myself… I need more personal power or pleasurable experiences, then…”

But finally, we come to realize that to avoid the void is to be distracted from our true nature and that Life itself is the one thing we cannot lose. In other words, every thing and every body is coming and going in Life.

 The ‘void’ is overflowing with Life and shining through the formless void is the light of love.

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