The ability to choose is perhaps our most fundamental power, but our choices may be limited because of the deep conditioning of the mind that tends to cloud our perception. 
An example of this comes from some neuro-research done in the 1970’s. Researchers did experiments where kittens were raised from birth in a room designed with no vertical lines. After a few months, when the kittens were let out of the room, they would run into table legs — they literally could not see the legs of a table! 
Over time, in a normal environment, the kittens adapted and learned to see vertical objects and choose to avoid banging their heads on the table legs.
Probably all of us have felt, at times, like one of those kittens, running into things we didn’t see, or not seeing something right in front of us, or seeing ‘the glass half-empty’, a world of limitation and separation. 
This may be especially true regarding the spiritual search. We have all been conditioned to believe in the mind and senses, and to overlook the profound nature of our own existence. Then at some point, we take up the search for our foundation of consciousness, the unified field of life — like a fish searching for the ocean.
Choosing to be still and silently alert, opens the mind and allows attention to drop into the ocean of life. From this clarity, that which was unseen shows itself, and like the (invisible) table leg, once it is seen is obvious and self-evident.

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