Hit The Pause Button

The mind and the cyber-world have certain similarities; our mind is not separate from the collective mind of humanity, like our computer or mobile device is connected to the world wide web. Our computer can be infected with a virus by those with malicious intent. Similarly, our mind can become infected by the dark side of the collective mind, like a virus in the psyche. This can generate a mental spin, fueled by doubt, insecurity and fear, resulting in a loss of power and making it more difficult to find the love and compassion.

As long as we’re doing earth-time, being vigilant to mental poisoning is an ongoing task. Like the videos on the internet, the mind will continue to run — there are always more videos in the queue, so it is wise to hit the pause button. Which is to say, in the moments where we pause and interrupt the stream of thinking, we open to the natural condition of Being, the home of compassion.

We can feel the calming presence of silence when we choose to ‘not know’ anything for a few seconds. You don’t have to sit in some posture — you don’t have to sit. You don’t need to light candles, you don’t need to do anything. 

By making it a habit to pause for a few seconds, periodically throughout each day, it becomes more and more clear that the field of consciousness doesn’t move.

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