Life Chewing On The Separate Self




Gargoyle in the cathedral of Lincoln, England, between 1185 and 1311  



Life will tend to chew on us where we are attached. What is getting chewed on are the many layers of mental constructs and beliefs that say; “I am this person, this is my story and this is what I need in order to be fulfilled”.   “Ouch!”  

It’s easy to get angry or depressed about getting bit — or we can open our mind and see that it is our own Self that’s doing the chewing, often in mysterious and unexpected ways.

 In other words, this can be seen as an attention-getter, a not-so-gentle reminder to stop following those thoughts, let go of some internal struggle and just be still for a moment. This aligns our consciousness with the impersonal, witnessing presence that is the core of our Being. We don’t get bit when we abide in this sanctuary of true peace. 

To be clear, this is not some permanent fix for the anger, humiliation, loss, and heartbreak that arises in this human drama. But in those moments we can actually feel gratitude for being bit because it calls us home to our Self.

The life purpose that is common to everyone is to awaken out of the dream of separate self existence and realize the truth of unity with the entire cosmos — and life supports us in this homecoming.

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