Our Foundation

The search for a solid foundation in life is common to us all. We have tried; relationships, family, work or career, duty, status in the community, and all kinds of beliefs, but since everything is in some state of change the search goes on.
Then we look into the deep spiritual stuff and thats really freaky because it speaks about being nothing, nobody, going nowhere, being empty, some boring state of stillness, nothing going on. 
These are all bad words to the ego, so the notion of resting and abiding there can seem like a really bad idea. Settle for nothing…. no thanks! And the ego can find all kinds of excuses and reasons to resist going there, so a different perspective may be helpful. 
Abiding in ones foundation or center is more of a feeling. A feeling as though you are a baby being held in the arms of a loving parent; not a care in the world, no fear, no concern, no problems to solve, no other place to be. Imagine how you would feel if all of your problems were solved.
When you know (without doubt) where your center or foundation is, then your life can go fast, if that is your calling, because you know where home is and you wont get lost for too long in the mind and world.

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