This time of year it is common for us to spend a little time in reflection; what have I done this year and what would I like to have come about in the new year. 
For those desiring to know the truth of life, reflection in the form of self inquiry is common. Many people who quest for the answer to the question, ‘who am I?’, get no answer for that.
Then maybe the mind tells them that they should have gotten an answer, and begins to crank-up with, “nothing happened…this doesn’t work…why can’t I get this…”.
But to analyze carefully; you get no answer — and you are the awareness that notices that no answer comes to you.
Look and ask yourself; does the awareness itself change? No. With answers or no answers, the awareness remains as it is.
This is your answer.
 The idea that, ‘I am nobody’, ‘I am nothing’, can be very disturbing and frightening — to the ego — and so typically the mind starts to spin in order to get away from that. It takes a big commitment to be true to ourselves and have courage in the face of the fears and doubts that can come up. 
Our thoughts are no substitute for the direct experience of being conscious that we are consciousness.
May this new year bring you the overflowing love and freedom of Self realization.


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