The Ocean of Being

We humans can be likened to the ocean. The waves on the surface are like our thoughts, imaginings, emotions, sensations and perceptions. Beneath the surface and holding the waves is the vast ocean of Being.
Our attention tends to be focused on the waves of phenomena and maybe fixated by believing that the surface is the total of who we are, while overlooking or ignoring the depth of our being.
From the perspective of the oneness of the ocean, we can understand that most of ‘our thoughts’ are really the waves of the collective mind of humanity — high and low. And like waves against a shore, the more identified as the mind, the more we feel the crash of the waves and we get tumbled in the surf.
While it can be fun to play in the surf, we can also get beat-up by it. So when we want clarity, peace, to know the truth of life, we drop deeper into the calm of the ocean of being.
Diving deep into yourself is only a way of speaking, because there is no place you have to try to get to. Some people like to dive deep and some like to swim on the surface, it doesn’t matter — when you know with certainty it’s all one ocean of being.
Anchored as the depth of being is the medicine for the craziness of the mind and world.

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