The Power of Slowing Down

I listened to part of an interview recently where the person was speaking about “our attention-deficit culture…”. 
 It reminded me that neuropsychology says that the average person thinks somewhere between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day.   
 There are of course many negative effects that go along with a short attention span, and for those interested in the recognition of unity, there may be many times when the injunction to “stop and just be still” may seem impossible — but we can slow down. 
The ability to slow down is a kind of power. When we slow down, even just slightly, we find ourselves more present and ordinary activities become like a mindfulness practice. With more presence comes more clarity so everyday life goes better.
Slowing down also helps one to notice space between thoughts and the momentary return to presence after following some thought-stream. One’s own consciousness, then, begins to stand out from all the mind forms, opening one to the presence of unity.

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