The Right Tool For The Job

We all have an understanding that the way the world works is;  “I do these things… and this comes to me” —  cause and effect.

While this mechanistic view mostly holds true in the material world, we have also experienced that it doesn’t always seem to work that way and it clearly doesn’t work regarding self realization and knowing the truth of life.

Many spiritual seekers have wondered; “I did these things but it didn’t come to me!”  “Why doesn’t it come to me?”  “Why can’t I get this?” But it does not come to us — we must come to it.

The mechanistic view sees separate forms of life in a field of deadness, nothingness, emptiness, but Infinity does not begin “over there”, “at some point in the future”. Which is to say, our infinite nature can’t get any closer to us than it already is. It is here, exactly where you are, and appears — as you.

So then, the right tool or ‘cause’ in the spiritual dimension is primarily one of getting out of the way. In other words; to relax, open and be aware of our immediate experience. In this way, we turn our attention toward and align our apparent individual consciousness with limitless consciousness.

When we ‘pull back’ from the separate self identity, we exist as the silent, witnessing presence and can feel the aliveness of our own body, and can sense the field of life outside of our skin and the interconnectedness of all life.

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