The Siren’s Song

The Greek mythology of Sirens can be seen as an allegory for the mind; the stories and hypnotic trance it generates, and the unnecessary suffering caused by believing it.

There are a few different versions of the story, says wikipedia. The most common is that; “Sirens were dangerous creatures, who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting songs, causing them to wreck their ships on the rocky coast of their island.” Another version is that; “Sirens would charm sailors by their song and having lulled them to sleep, would come and tear them to pieces.”

Some historians say that the etymology of the word siren comes from the ancient Greek words that mean; ‘rope’ and ‘bind’, giving the meaning; one who binds or entangles through magic song”. Also interesting; according to some of the ancient Greek writers, “Sirens were fated to live only until the mortals who heard their songs were able to pass by them.”

Isn’t this the way the mind works! Through one ‘song’ (mental story) or another, we can easily get lulled into a dreamlike state, and the next thing we know we can wind up ‘on the rocks’, entangled in the morass of thoughts and maybe torn to pieces by the torment of the mind — until we no longer get lulled into and ‘lost’ in the mental dream. Which is to say, when we see this tendency and we don’t believe it to be true, we can choose to pull our attention back and be the witnessing presence. Then we are free to let our humanness rise up — and let it fall back, like a wave on the ocean — and we remain free.
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