The Wheel


The wheel is a symbol that has different meanings in Eastern religious and spiritual traditions. One of the meanings has to do with the circular nature of mind and the illusion and delusion it creates (the cycles of samsara).

In the turning of the ‘wheel of the mind’, the top of the wheel     represents high blissful states, peak experiences, fulfillment of desires and attainment of one’s ambitions. The bottom of the wheel represents the end of experience. 

It’s natural to want more good experiences, so the end is usually seen as undesirable and mostly doesn’t get the credit it deserves. What I mean is, while this turning of the wheel of the mind takes place over a lifetime and maybe many lifetimes, it also takes place every day.

 For example, when we look carefully, we can see that our mind takes us on fantasy journeys; we follow thoughts for what-ever time, then the thought-stream loses energy, and for a brief moment, our awareness returns to the present. 

So perhaps a Ferris wheel might be a better analogy, because, we hop on at the bottom, ride around and get off at the bottom, right where we got on. The present moment is where the ‘mind-ride’ begins and ends.

Coming out of a daydream or self-induced trance is no big deal of course, it’s similar to waking up in the morning. There may be a sense of relief from not being stuck in that dream, but it’s not an ecstatic state. 

What is blissful, however, is the realization that, in truth, we have never left the heart of Being — we don’t move, the mind moves. In other words, the realization of freedom comes from the recognition that the heart of our Being, our own consciousness, is the unmoving One, (Sat-chit-ananda).


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