“Wrestling With Your Demons” 

To wrestle with one’s demons is no casual thing.

 People can feel isolated in a cocoon of misery, trapped in the pull-and-push of the mind, feeling stuck in doubt, delay and regret.

Self-help books and therapy have their place of course.

But finally it becomes clear that wrestling with one’s demons will not ultimately succeed in bringing about a happy life. Then one looks deeper.

The desire to end the haunting of psychic demons is fuel for becoming conscious of the reality of one’s self. 

Consciousness disrupts the drama, the battle between bad and good thoughts. In the light of one’s consciousness demons lose power, because they are deeply conditioned figments of one’s imagination.

     Then, even wrestling with one’s demons can be seen as part of a process of transformation, like the innate desire of a grub to do whatever it takes to get out of the cocoon and in so doing is transformed into a butterfly.

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